VIAVANA is your new travel community where passionate travel designers can earn money or travel without expenses, and where travelers go on trips with passionate & like-minded people.

Community Travel Planning Platform


Team Size:
1 – 10 People

Viavana’s ensures that it’s easy to plan your trip. You simply just create a trip and share it with your group. The group edits and books the trip directly from your private travel page. Nice and easy.

Viavana provides you with a flexible travel planning tool that you can share. Just go ahead and create a trip to anywhere you want. You will automatically be given your own travel page that you can share. Your friends, family, co-workers etc. can change all the trip details as they want. They can choose another hotel room, or even change to another hotel or find other flight tickets themselves. And if the dates don’t suit them, they can edit those too. That way, you don’t have to deal with all their specific requirements.

With Viavana, you have direct access to 150.000 hotels all over the world, so you can plan your vacation with a great viriaty of options. You can find both amazing highend hotels and the good cheap ones, if you are going to spend most of your time outside of the hotel room anyway.