Plytix develops software solutions that make it easy for online businesses to centralize, optimize, distribute, and analyze their product data for multi-channel ecommerce.

Product Information Management Systems


Team Size:
11 – 50 People

Plytix is on a mission to empower ecommerce growth for online brands and retailers worldwide, by providing affordable, easy-to-use product information management software. With ‘never before seen’ cross-channel, product analytics, plus a world-class team of PIM experts, Plytix will help make your ecommerce dreams come true!
It all started with a simple question: Why?
Why is there such a large gap between businesses when it comes to accessing great digital tools?
Plytix was born from our time at Google where we were working with some of the biggest companies in the e-commerce space. We realized the way companies utilized their product data was largely inefficient especially when we compared large companies and the smaller guys.
We saw that in the future ecommerce would not only speed up, but take no prisoners when it did. We saw a way to fix it.
So we quit our jobs to start Plytix, a software as a service company that is dedicated to bringing smart data-driven solutions to all online businesses.

Morten Poulsen

Founder & CEO

Alex López

Founder & CTO