Movi is building a software development kit (SDK) for the next generation of interactive video players on the go. Experience video that you can interact with and enjoy at your own leisure.

Interactive Video Player Software


Team Size:
11 – 50

Movi unlock new dimensions of end-user experiences and value-add for your video distribution. Make your content feed fantastic, immerse your end-user, boost attention and emotional connection with the content and future proof your video experience. We have your back entering the future.

Movi is the world’s most engaging cross platform Mobile Video Player for building future video products and experiences. It empowers users to interact and engage with your content in a totally new and natural way. They can touch, feel and live your content. With Movi your content and brand will feel fantastic!

Naturally Movi Player is lightweight, simple to use and works with your current content, distribution and mobile product.

Lars-Erik Ravn

Founder & CEO

Espen Bjarnø

Founder & CTO

Eike Rösner

Founder & Chief Engineer