Hidebox is a digital solution for both storing, securing and trading valuable items. Through digitized records of submitted items, Hidebox helps in maintaining an overview, filing for insurances or facilitating a sale of an item, all at the touch of a fingertip.

Platform for Valuable Item Management


Team Size:
1 – 10 People

It’s hard to have all the information of everything that you own especially when you are in need of it the most. Hidebox concept of having everything that you hold dear and important to be recorded in your device.

Hidebox is an item centric app, which means that once your have entered your item you would be able to have all the information about it and soon be able to get all the information and services that are related to it. We have great plans for Hidebox so jump in and join the revolutionary ride.

The app itself facilitates management of valuable items, by allowing the user to store digital records of items for later use. Those records are valuable in cases where the user wants to get an overview of inventory, in cases of reimbursements or insurance claims, or most importantly, to conduct transaction. The Hidebox platform will be built to allow for trading of valuable items via a marketplace, where users can easily unite and trade their valuables with one another.