Grazper develops AI solutions that lets cameras and computers automatically analyze what they are seeing and project it into a 3D visualization of the environment

AI Computer Vision & Visualization


Team Size:
11 – 50 People

Grazper wants to revolutionise artificial intelligence by creating the first truly real-time, self-learning AI.

By combining proprietary approaches to unsupervised learning with a deeply-optimized, low-level implementation, we are developing an AI that learns about the real, 3D world all the while experiencing it. We balance theory and practice to bring the AI to market; we are currently working on a high-profile project involving video intelligence and 3D computer vision. With a number of existing projects completed, we are already delivering solutions to multiple industrial partners.

The founders have impressive track records and several successful commercial products behind them: Among other things, we co-created the original, BAFTA-nominated Hitman game series and were members of the core development team of the Emmy-winning Havok physics engine. After a number of years redefining how to deal with virtual worlds, plus a few machine learning escapades, we have now moved on to handling the real world – using AI within the spaces of Smart City, Smart Retail and Smart Security.

Thomas Jakobsen

Founder & CEO

David Guldbrandsen

Founder & CTO