Farm Backup

Farm Backup develops task management software for farmers to help them maximize their capacity utilization while also automating administrative tasks.

Farmer Task Management Software


Team Size:
1 – 10 People

Founded in 2015 and located in one of the most foresighted countries for farming, Denmark, our mission is to disrupt the farming industry, to secure the farmer a transparent and profitable business. Our farm management system helps farmers and agricultural contractors to take the right decisions based on data collection.

FarmBackup continuously delivers software solutions to farmers that help them optimize their machinery, their farm, their operations, their staff and their administration. By developing solutions for sharing economy of machinery, sharing of services, task management systems, field data and much more, FarmBackup is able to help farmers make better decisions to ultimate achieve a more profitable business.

FarmBackup is a leading AgTech startup in Denmark, and is only just getting started. Their vision for further digitization of farming is astounding, and their understanding of what farmers truly need, being raised on farms themselves, allows them to meet customer demands again and again.

Søren Knudsen

Founder & CEO

Anders Knudsen

Founder & CMO