Crey Games

Crey is a unique game building platform that allows users to unfold their creativity and build their own games without needing any knowledge of coding.

User-Builder Social Gaming Platform


Team Size:
11- 50 People

CREY is a new, fast and playful way of creating games and experiences without coding.

CREY offers a social platform where users meet to unfold their creativity within game design, from simple to elaborate games across all genres. Games are easily build in the Crey game builder, without any need for coding to build elaborate and fun games.

The Crey platform is inherently developed around sharing your experience with others, whether it be something you build and share so that others can use it, a game you made and want others to play, or you want play a broad variety of games alongside friends. Crey has something for everyone, and while game creation is incredibly easy in the builder, it has a deep potential for game creators with high ambitions.