Boardplace is a tool for boards and board members to aggregate their documentation and communication on one platform that is secure, smart and suited to your needs.

Board Digitization Platform


Team Size:
1 – 10 People

Boardplace is a digital tool for boards and board members to safely and smartly manage their documentation across companies.

Too often Board members still use traditional tools for documentation and communication, such as private folders, personal emails etc. Not only is this inefficient and cumbersome, but it is often in violation with the GDPR legislative. Boardplace seeks to catch up board activity to a fully digitized level with automated communication, up-to-date documentation, meeting management, reporting, templates, advice & counseling and much more.

Through a fully automated platform, the individual member can always stay updated on the company at hand. And the synergy truely arises when Boardplace is used to manage board positions across several companies, with automated aggregated reporting, calendar overviews, KPI management and more.

Claus Due

Founder & CEO

Abdus Naeem

Founder & CTO