The Most Powerful Meeting Management, Visitor Management and Indoor Wayfinding solution for the modern workplace!

Enterprise Workplace Productivity Software


Team Size:
11-50 People

For many companies, a flexible workplace environment with the right management tools is vital to their future success. Anything that helps people to book and manage hot desks, huddle rooms, meeting pods or conference rooms efficiently and with a constant overview could save thousands per day and enhance productivity immediately.

AskCody is the Modern Workplace Platform that eliminates office friction, improves productivity, and optimizes workplace utilization.

The AskCody platform accommodates all organizational aspects of meetings, reducing the organizational load while minimizing the number of hours spent per employee on organizing and scheduling meetings.

We help companies to simplify administrative tasks making the daily life easier managing the workplace, including meeting management, providing workplace visibility and connecting the work environment. AskCody gives you the connected office that increases operational efficiency and enables people to meet and achieve more effortless.

AskCody is the best way to book and manage your meeting rooms and all associated services and activities. The platform is intelligent, easy to use and comprehensive. Our fully integrated solution with Microso Outlook, Exchange and Office 365 will help you maximize workspace usage, efficiency, and collaboration, while providing all the intelligence you need to adapt to changing usage patterns to maximize use of your workspace.

It’s our mission to providing organizations with the frictionless office bridging the gap between the digital workspace, like Outlook, Teams and Office 365, and the physical workspace, giving organizations and staff the visibility they need to stay in control.

Using AskCody, organizations get to see your see their workplace in full context and understand the current and real-time utilization of how the office is being used.

Allan Mørch

Founder & CEO